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The 11th China(Bejing) Intermational Metallurgy Industy Expo

◎One of the world's four largest metallurgy industry exhibitions-CIMIE2015
◎Exhibitions/forum/supply and negotiation/engineering purchasing/project promotion all in CIMIE2015

China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo (CIMIE) is one of the world's four largest metallurgy events, founded in 2004, CIMIE always adhere to the principle of resource sharing, win-win benefit, and serves to the up and down stream enterprises. It mainly showcases the recent technologies and devices by brand display, trade talks and summit forum, the show is committed to provide enterprises with the most cutting-edge market information and the best extensive business cooperation platform. The industry has been given good opportunities for development against the background of resource globalization and market-oriented pattern at present. Numerous manufacturing enterprises take advantage of this favorable opportunity to restructure steel product structure, improve product quality …


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